DRDT-2 (Deep Reach Dimpling Tool)

Now dimpling is consistent, easy, safe, less fatiguing and noise free. The experimental aircraft builder can now achieve commercial quality results in their own shop. Dimple at anytime day or night without disturbing your family or neighbors. Thousands of DRDT-2 in the field helping builders for the past 15 years.

The DRDT-2 is a welded steel c-frame rivet dimpler. It replaces the common impact c-frame rivet dimplers of the past. With its sample mechanical advantage, dimpling is fast, easy, noise free, less fatiguing and safe on the skins. With a fully adjustable die holder you can achieve consistent and accurate dimples**. The DRDT-2 incorporates a new low force spring return system that prevents skin damage from the accidental release of the handle without increasing the force required to dimple. 22" throat depth allows dimpling of up to 44" wide sheets. The relief under the lower frame member provides dimpling access to spars, ribs, leading edge skins. Designed and analyzed using state of the art engineering tools the DRDT-2 can handle all your dimpling needs on your project.

The DRDT-2 is painted with an industrial powder coat giving one of the toughest finishes available. The -2 comes ready to dimple (minor assembly required) or can be purchased as a Front End Kit and the builder can construct the frame* to the frame fabrication drawings provided (frame structural steel not provided with Front End Kit).

*Steel sections can be purchased locally either through steel scrap yards or excess material from steel fabricators. The frame can be fabricated by a local steel fabricator or by the builder themselves. Basic welding skills and tools required (or at least a friend with them). **Dimple dies not included

Operational Note: The DRDT-2 weighs approximately 44 lbs and should be clamped securely to a strudy work surface.

Weight: 44 lbs
Size: 28"X16"X3"
Capacity: Up to 22" depth
Gap: 4"
Skin Thickness: Up to 0.040" Aluminum
Dimple Dies: 3/16" shank diameter (Aircraft Industry Standard)**
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DRDT-2 Setup and Operations Manual 

DRDT-2 Frame Fabrication Drawings

Dimpling RV fuel tank skins with the DRDT-2 Dimpling RV fuel tank ribs with the DRDT-2


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